The Ranch


La Finca del Gualfin is welcoming visitors to this unique corner of the world. Guests can stay in the main house, a traditional, but beautiful stone building lined with trees, which can accommodate up to ten people at a time. Guests also have the option to spend the night out on the ranches where they can experience the authentic Gaucho (cowboy) life.

The Lifestyle


Visitors can accompany the Gauchos who traverse across the estancia for the day and handle the cattle. Or if guests prefer, they can take in horseback-riding through the dramatic and vast landscape, viewing awe-inspiring geography. Other activities include bird watching, hiking, grape and nut picking.

The Food


All the food on the estancia is locally grown and produced. The foreman's wife, an expert in the region's traditional dishes, prepares humita, locro, quacholocro, and empanadas, all with fresh ingredients. The meat, mostly beef and lamb, come from the community's own herds and are cooked over the open fire.


Reservations Upon Request

We welcome inquiries of all kinds to discuss a stay or further discuss our accommodations.


Reservations Upon Request

Given the climate of Argentina, our peak months are ___ to ___. We welcome inquiries of all kinds to discuss a stay or further discuss our accommodations.

My stay at Gualfin was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. Totally off the beaten path, a desert with a few apple trees, horses, cows, and gauchos. The ranch house is decorated in the traditional way and very comfortably. We lived with the rhythm of nature. The wine was as rich as the surrounding natural environment. The visit left a mark on me and refreshed my soul. I highly recommend it.
— Sophie G., Paris
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