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What is the Legendary Gualfin?


The Vineyard
Drink wine at 8,400 feet.

The grapes at Gualfin were transformed by the fight for survival. Their skins thickened and their juice became more potent, creating an extraordinary wine, a wine in which you can really taste the magnificence of the mountains. The response to a few test bottles was clear: friends and family members were clamoring for more of “that wonderful Argentine wine.”


The Place
The Land of Legends.

La Finca de Gualfin is a legend. Over the Centuries, many people heard about the land at the end of Argentina’s northern Salta Valley and the fierce independent people who lived there. Now we invite fierce independent travelers like you to come and explore the lands for yourself.


The Experience
An Adventure Like No Other.

Come to the mountain. Drink wine and enjoy the local cuisine. Let the power and beauty of Gualfin’s heights overwhelm you. Imagine ancient Incan ruins a few miles from where you’d be standing. Watch the sun set over the peaks. Take another sip of wine. Come and make this the experience of a lifetime.


Staying at Gualfin was one of the greatest experiences of my life... For sure, it’s one of the 10 things in the world that you have to visit/do before you die.
— Claire C.


La Finca del Gualfin welcomes visitors to this unique corner of the world. While here guests can take in horseback-riding through the dramatic and vast landscape, viewing awe-inspiring geography. Other activities include exploring local cuisine, hiking, grape and nut picking, and more.

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A place for people who believe that being in the wild outdoors is a way to reconnect with self and nature. Comfortable accommodation designed in local style that blends into the surrounding Andes Mountains and is respectful of the local culture. Simple, classy, exclusive, daring, different, faraway.

Guests can stay in the main house, a traditional, but luxurious stone building lined with trees, which can accommodate up to ten people at a time. They also have the option of staying in our traditional ranch accommodations for the full gaucho experience.



Wine cultivation at such high altitude and in such harsh conditions was a bold move, no doubt about it. But the Gualfin vineyards flourished, bearing grapes on mountains that have seen thousands of years of cultivation. Suffused with the legend of the land, they produce a wine that wins the palate with a strength of character born out of the fight for survival itself.




Reserve Your Adventure

At Gualfin, your adventure is unique to you. We invite you reach out and start the journey of planning your visit to Gualfin to your specifications.

We also are happy to help field wine orders, work with adventure tour groups and planners, or accept any questions regarding Gualfin.