The Place

La Finca de Gualfin is a legend. Over the centuries, many people in the area had heard of the land at the end of the valley and the fierce, independent people who lived there. Few had ever actually seen it. No road led to it. Few travelers, on horseback, ventured all the way to reach it.

The people…and the place…were left alone to develop their own culture and their own traditions. The air was as pure as any on the planet. People were ‘autonomous,’ – able to take care of themselves without help from the outside world.

It wasn’t until 1986 that the first road was brought to the ranch, and since then there has been much more communication with the outside world, but folks here are still unique and independent — as much a part of the land as the mighty mountains themselves.

Everything is extraordinary there: the sky, the landscape, the weather, without speaking of the kindness of the hosts (and the horses) and the “coziness” of the ranch (plus the beautiful wine!)
— Claire C.

Gualfín is located in the Calchaquí Valley, a high mountain valley that has been home to pre-Hispanic settlements, a part of the Inca Empire, 1500’s Spanish missions, colonial haciendas and some of the first vineyards in South America. Today, its unique terroir is sought after by the best wine growers wanting to produce altitude wines.

Wine making? At over 8,400 feet? You betcha. But don’t take our word for it — come witness mountain winemaking first-hand.

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“This is a place that still cleaves to tradition; the people who cultivate it do so in the manner of their ancestors, and are raising their children to do the same.”

- Bill Bonner.